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From the hills of Humboldt, to the fields of Eugene—stay compliant and run your business, anywhere.

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Quit pen-and-paper based compliance. Scan Metrc barcodes using just your phone's camera.

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Send Metrc manifest directly to Quickbooks as an invoice.

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Make Track and Trace Work For You

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Canix Serves Cultivators, Extractors, and Distributors:

“Canix is the right choice for our farm because of the user-friendly interface that the app offers. Managing and tracking our large scale inventory is easier and faster than ever. We breathe easy with the Canix team at our side, as they go above and beyond to fine tune the service to meet our specific needs."

Kevin, G-1 Outdoor Cannabis Farm

“Already the Canix app has been real helpful and easy to use even for the new people in our company. I'm impressed with the quality of customer service and the turnaround time of custom requests."

Luz, Purple City Genetics

“I'm honestly shocked by how easy this is. How has anyone not done this before?"

Richard, Diamond Star

“You guys are such a breath of fresh air! I've already told a bunch of my friends that this app can make their life easier."

Ingrid, Eagle Point

Built From The Ground Up For Cannabis

Free On-Site Metrc Integration & Training With Signup

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