Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about us

Q: Who are the founders of Canix?

Canix was started by a backend engineer who consulted for several companies in the Bay Area. After seeing first hand just how frustrating and confusing the Metrc compliance can be, she partnered with a senior software engineering manager from Facebook to solve the compliance problems in the industry.

Q: Are you affiliated with or owned by Metrc?

We are not affiliated or owned by Metrc. We integrate with Metrc in twelve different states (AK, CA, CO, D.C., LA, MD, MA, MI, MO, NV, OH, and OR).

Q: How long have you been around?

Canix was founded in 2018.

Q: Can you integrate with other ERP systems?

We have a flexible backend that can integrate with other ERP systems.

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Questions about the product

Q: What is the cost?

We implement a “pay as you grow” plan, that varies by facility tier size and state. Please e-mail info@getcanix.com for a pricing sheet.

Q: Will my data be visible immediately in Metrc?

Yes. As soon as you submit to Metrc, your tags will be visible in the Metrc UI.

Q: Can you integrate with other ERP systems?

We have a flexible backend that can integrate with other ERP systems.

Q: What systems do you work on?

We are built natively for iOS, Android, and iPad.

Q: How many users can I put on it?

Canix offers unlimited seats with a facility subscription.

Q: What if I need my logs if a regulatory agency does an audit?

We send you a confirmation email every time you submit something to Metrc, so it’s as simple as searching “Canix Confirmation” in your inbox to pull up all of your logs.

Q: Is there additional hardware?

There is no additional hardware; our barcode scanner works directly on the phone.

Q: What systems do you integrate with?

Canix integrates with Metrc, CCA, and Quickbooks. If you’d like to request an integration, email us at info@getcanix.com! We love hearing from you

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Questions about data security

Q: How do I know my data will be OK when I click submit?

As a Metrc Integrator, we’ve passed an API capability test in twelve different states to receive permission to integrate with Metrc.

Q: How do you keep my data safe?

Canix stores all of your information in AWS, the same data centers used by Amazon and protected under the highest level of security.

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Questions about Payment Terms

Q: How do I cancel my Canix subscription?

Email “info@getcanix.com” with the subject line “Cancel” and the body “I wish to cancel my Canix subscription”

Q: What payment types does Canix accept?

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